Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by Solution-state NMR Studies

Creative Biolabs now provides the professional custom service in solution-state NMR studies of membrane proteins.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by Solution-state NMR Studies

Solution-state NMR is widely applied in the biophysical and structural characterization of proteins and protein-ligand/cofactor/substrate complexes. However, compared to water-soluble proteins, membrane proteins have been far less characterized using this technique. This can be mainly ascribed to the difficulty in finding a medium that well mimics the native cell membranes of membrane proteins and helps generate sensitive, interpretable NMR signals at the same time. So far, micelles, lipid nanodiscs, and amphipols can be used as the tool to solve these problems.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by Solution-state NMR Studies

Scientists in Creative Biolabs have vast experience and comprehensive knowledge with solution-state NMR and the above-mentioned membrane protein solubilization and stabilization techniques. We can combine these two and provide our customers with high-quality service in biophysical and structural studies of diverse membrane proteins.

Our service including but not limited to

Since the stability, conformation, oligomerization state, function, activity and NMR signal sensitivity of a membrane protein can be largely affected by the type of solubilizing media, we will perform comprehensive pilot screening before we formally collect the NMR data. At Creative Biolabs, our customers can find more than 100 detergents on our detergent screening platform, around 50 lipids on our lipid screening platform, multiple MSPs as well as amphipols with different lengths and compositions of octylamino and isopropylamino groups that are available for exhaustive condition screening.

Creative Biolabs is happy to explore the application of micelles, nanodiscs, and amphipols in the solution-state NMR studies of membrane proteins to facilitate our customers' research progress. It is our promise to always deliver the most satisfactory outcome at the most cost-effective price. Please do not hesitate to inquire us for detailed information.


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