Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by X-Ray Crystallography

Creative Biolabs provides professional custom services in X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins (i.e. membrane protein crystallization and crystal structure determination). With our state-of-the-art technology platform, years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in this specific area, we can be a reliable scientific partner that paves the way to your research goals.

Our membrane protein crystallization service includes high-throughput screening of membrane protein crystals and optimization of crystallization conditions. Since it is very likely that crystallization conditions for macromolecules, like membrane proteins, are quite different from conditions under which they are purified/solubilized, crystallization is usually the bottleneck in the process of membrane protein crystallography for many researchers. Our robotic membrane protein crystallization facilities can set up more than 1,000 different crystallization conditions within 10 minutes and only milligrams of purified and solubilized membrane proteins are required. We can also manually set up crystal trays/plates if extra care has to be taken when handling with membrane protein samples. Depending on the type of membrane proteins, the following crystallization methods can be applied at our facilities.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by X-Ray Crystallography

Type-II 3D crystals will be obtained from crystallization in micelles, while type-I 3D crystals will be obtained in the other two methods. Microbatch-under-oil trays, sitting- and hanging-drop trays, and glass sandwich plates are available at our facilities. Our screening and optimization can cover

In general, positive results from successful crystallization can be observed very quickly (days to weeks) after crystal trays/plates are set up. Protein crystals will be verified using our automated imaging system during and at the end of their growth. If necessary, we will also carry out other related experiments such as co-crystallization, seeding, and crystal soaking. Finally, we will harvest, store and send your membrane protein crystals for X-ray diffraction data collection.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by X-Ray Crystallography

In addition, our membrane protein crystal structure determination service can also help you accomplish your research goals in membrane protein crystallography in the last mile. Depending on the protein type, the methods of preparation and crystallization, and the type of the X-ray beamline for diffraction data collection, structure phasing of your membrane protein crystals can be performed in several different ways:

Once determining the initial phase, we will compute electron density maps, and build the model of your membrane proteins with cofactors, detergents, lipids, waters, etc. that account for clear electron densities. Next, we will perform model refinement for several cycles against the diffraction data and electron density maps until no further improvement can be made. We will validate the fit of each finally refined model to the diffraction data using the R and Rfree values, and check the geometry of each model to make sure they make chemical sense. We will provide you with the finally computed electron density maps, refined models, summarized statistics, our interpretation of your membrane protein structures, and guidance for structure publication. Based on the solved membrane protein structures, subsequent characterization and validation services are also available to further drive forward your project.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by X-Ray Crystallography

Creative Biolabs has always been dedicated to accelerating custom research progress and bringing positive results and insights into your valuable projects. Our well-trained scientific staff will always respond to your requests, questions, and concerns fast, patiently and informatively, and tailor custom-oriented services to suit your requirements and goals. Working together with us will make your path toward success easy and interesting. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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