Magic™ Membrane Protein Extraction from Cell Membranes

Creative Biolabs is an expert who can provide professional custom service in membrane protein extraction from cell membranes. Extraction of membrane proteins from cell membranes is one of the key steps during membrane protein preparation. Unlike soluble proteins, membrane proteins expressed in cell membranes are usually extracted under relatively mild lysis conditions and with the aid of detergents. Improper condition or misuse of detergent may result in irreversible misfolding, conformational change, aggregation and/or precipitation of membrane proteins. As a leading service provider, scientists in Creative Biolabs are proud to present our professional service in membrane protein extraction from cells. Our skillful scientists are glad to leverage our expertise and advanced technologies to help you deliver each specific goal.

Membrane protein extraction from cell membranes will start with cell lysis under a relatively mild condition compared to extraction of water-soluble proteins. At Creative Biolabs, cells can be lysed by a series of proper methods, including but not limited to:

The selected lysis method will depend on the cell type (bacteria, yeasts, insect cells or mammalian cells) and the stability of membrane proteins.

After cell lysis, sequential centrifugations with escalated speeds will be applied to separate cell membranes from the cell debris and other subcellular organelles. Once the cell membranes are collected, we will extract the membrane proteins by adding detergents. Use of detergents is the most critical factor during this whole process. With more than 100 different detergents available and our deep understanding of the detergent-protein molecular interactions, our detergent screening platform can help you find the most suitable option for a broad range of membrane proteins, such as:

Magic™ Membrane Protein Extraction from Cell Membranes

Magic™ Membrane Protein Extraction from Cell Membranes

After extracting membrane proteins from cell membranes, we will perform micellar solution-based membrane protein purifications to remove the impurities and further stabilize your membrane proteins. Affinity, ion-exchange, gel-filtration (size-exclusion) and hydrophobic interaction chromatographies can be applied individually or in combination for this purpose.

We will also perform strict QC measures to make sure the final product can meet certain standards (e.g. purity, homogeneity, binding properties, activities, and functions), including but not limited to SDS-PAGE, native-PAGE, western blot, and circular dichroism. The membrane protein samples can be further frozen or lyophilized for long-term storage upon request. Of note, we can also purify and refold membrane proteins which are expressed as inclusion bodies.

No matter what form your expressed membrane proteins adopt, Creative Biolabs will try our best to figure out a reliable strategy to extract them from cells and purify them in the optimal condition. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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