Magic™ Membrane Protein Functional Validation

Empowered by our cutting-edge analytical platforms and experienced technical personnel, Creative Biolabs is fully competent and dedicated to serving as your one-stop-shop for functional validation of membrane proteins.

Membrane proteins, such as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels, are the top one popular drug targets in therapeutic fields. However, the production procedure of membrane proteins is tedious and their structures are intrinsically complicated, which could potentially lead to loss of native activity. Therefore, prior to further application, information regarding basic functional activity is of great essence for proper evaluation of the membrane protein quality and the proceedings and directions of the project. Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive set of functional analysis services to assist our clients to determine the in vitro characteristics of various membrane protein.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Functional Validation

We provide versatile technologies to offer customers flexible choices:

The information gathered from the initial step of analysis provides a guideline for membrane protein quality assurance and the downstream applications. Aided by this versatile platform, scientists of Creative Biolabs are glad to tailor specific functional validation service packages to fit your timeline and R&D budget. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Functional Validation


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