Magic™ Membrane Protein Human TLR2 (Toll like receptor 2) expressed in In vitro wheat germ expression system for Antibody Discovery (CAT#: MP1366X)

This product is a 89.8 kDa Human TLR2 membrane protein expressed in In vitro wheat germ expression system with proprietary liposome technology. The protein is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis.

Product Specifications

  • Host Species
  • Human
  • Target Protein
  • TLR2
  • Protein Length
  • Full-length
  • Molecular Weight
  • 89.8 kDa
  • TMD
  • 1
  • Sequence

Product Description

  • Application
  • Antibody Production
  • Expression Systems
  • In vitro wheat germ expression system with proprietary liposome technology
  • Tag
  • NO
  • Form
  • Liquid
  • Purification
  • None
  • Buffer
  • 50 mM Tris-HCI, 10 mM reduced Glutathione, pH=8.0
  • Storage
  • Store at +4°C for up to one week or several months at -80°C


  • Target Protein
  • TLR2
  • Full Name
  • Toll like receptor 2
  • Introduction
  • The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Toll-like receptor (TLR) family which plays a fundamental role in pathogen recognition and activation of innate immunity. TLRs are highly conserved from Drosophila to humans and share structural and functional similarities. This protein is a cell-surface protein that can form heterodimers with other TLR family members to recognize conserved molecules derived from microorganisms known as pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs). Activation of TLRs by PAMPs leads to an up-regulation of signaling pathways to modulate the host's inflammatory response. This gene is also thought to promote apoptosis in response to bacterial lipoproteins. This gene has been implicated in the pathogenesis of several autoimmune diseases. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.
  • Alternative Names
  • TIL4; CD282; toll-like receptor 2; toll/interleukin-1 receptor-like protein 4

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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