Magic™ Peptide Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of peptide repertoire analysis. We have developed an advanced Magic™ analysis platform for the identification of peptide repertoire. Combined with our phage display platform, we are able to provide custom peptide binder selection and epitope mapping service tailored to the unique requirements by our customers.

Phage display technology has been widely used in peptides library selection for the identification of peptide ligands and epitope mapping. The screening consists of multiple rounds of affinity selection and the phage amplification and then followed by ELISA-based selection and sequencing of the positive clones. Furthermore, a serial of peptides will be synthesized and tested for their binding to the targets. A key step of the screening process is the analysis of the sequences and the determination of the consensus motifs. With the same consensus motif, peptides may bind to the same epitope on the target by similar molecular interactions. Different consensus sequences may suggest different binding modes on the same or different surface areas.

In drug development, multiple consensus sequences are highly preferred to develop different peptide leads for success. However, the conventional Sanger sequencing is limited due to its low throughput feature. The homology information of the peptides could hardly be discovered by the traditional sequencing method.

The Magic™ peptide repertoire analysis service is qualified to analyze the abundance and diversity of peptides selected from phage display library. We have developed an optimized sequencing analysis method which reduces the biases and the false positives arise from the traditional sequencing method. The Magic™ analysis could identify the rare peptide motifs with binding ability, and also precisely define the consensus sequences and the sub-groups. With the information, the peptide leads could be identified for drug development and also the epitopes could be identified in an efficient manner. Even a single round of phage selection may be enough for binding motif selection. Such an analysis method could avoid the propagation-related biases, reducing the procedures of bacterial infection, phage propagation and purification.

Figure 1. Antibody development from phage display peptide library.Figure 1. Antibody development from phage display peptide library.

Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized expert at phage display peptide library services. During the past decade, our scientists have assisted many customers to accomplish their peptide binder identification or epitope mapping projects. With the Magic™ peptide repertoire analysis platform, our proprietary protocol and tailored analysis strategy guarantee the generation of peptides with desired features.


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