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Magic™ scFv Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of scFv repertoire analysis. We have developed an advanced Magic™ scFv repertoire analysis platform for the identification of antibody with high affinity and specificity. Combined with our phage display technology, we could generate antibodies from diverse species, such as human, rabbit, chicken, dog, and monkey. More than hundreds of possible binders could be identified by Magic™ analysis in a short period, which greatly improves the efficiency of library selection.

Single-chain variable fragment (scFv) is a type of antibody fragment that has the smaller unit of immunoglobulin molecule with antigen binding abilities. It consists of variable regions of heavy (VH) and light (VL) chains linked by a flexible peptide linker of 10 to 25 amino acids. It is able to be functionally expressed in E. coli, therefore allows the antibody engineering, such as improving the affinity and altering the binding specificity.

Antibody model showing subunit composition and domain distribution along the polypeptide chains. A single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibody generated by recombinant antibody technology appears in the shaded area.Figure 1. scFv antibody.

Magic™ scFv repertoire analysis is an advanced scFv sequence analysis method developed by Creative Biolabs based on the Magic™ Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Platform (MTADP). Compared to the conventional hybridoma method, MTADP can identify a much larger number of antibody candidates. The more antibodies you get from the library, the more possible and functional antibodies could be expected. It’s critical to characterize the scFv repertoires for discovery, selection, and optimization of the therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. For example, the in vitro display and selection will result in large numbers of antibody candidates. The conventional method is using Sanger sequencing to analyze the selected clones. However, there are many drawbacks of this method, such as low throughput, high rate of false positives, and extra rounds of selection. Magic™ scFv Repertoire Analysis applies the most advanced methodology that allows sequencing of paired heavy and light variable regions. It overcomes the existing limitations of the traditional sequencing method, provides the result with high-throughput and high quality. Through this analysis, the binder could be selected in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Magic™ scFv repertoire analysis is the most advantageous technology to identify scFv from an antibody library with a larger of variants. Through this powerful platform, the massive antibody could be determined. Creative Biolabs provides one-stop antibody discovery, screening, and analysis service. With this strategy, we have discovered a list of custom scFv antibodies for our customers. We offer tailored service to meet our customers’ unique requirements.


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