Magic™ Swine TCR Repertoire Profiling

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to fulfilling the unique requirement of our clients in immune repertoire sequencing. We have established the high-throughput Magic™ platform for immune repertoire profiling. Our seasoned scientists have designed a series of primers specific to capture the sequence of CDRs to characterize TCR repertoire in swine. We are pleased to share our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in TCR repertoire profiling in swine to facilitate our clients’ related research and project development.

The Background of Swine TCR Repertoire

Miniature swine have been used extensively as models for human allogeneic organ transplantation. In swine, T cells appear later in fetal development than B cells. B cell development begins in the yolk sac on the 20th day of gestation (DG20), progresses to fetal liver at DG30 and after DG45 continues in bone marrow. The first wave of developing T cells is γ δ cells expressing a monomorphic V δ rearrangement. Thereafter, α β T cells predominate at birth, at least 19 TRBV subgroups are expressed, 17 of which appear highly homologous with those in humans. Studies have shown that the Vβ, Jβ, and Dβ sequences represent a unique collection of molecular information, which demonstrates that the swine TCRβ locus is most likely organized in a similar manner to rodents and humans. Comprehensive analysis of TCR repertoire in swine is of great significance to organ transplantation in clinical research.

Magic™ Swine TCR Repertoire Profiling

Swine TCR Repertoire Profiling in Creative Biolabs

Based on our powerful Magic™ platform, scientists of Creative Biolabs has designed a series of primers specific to capture the sequence of CDRs to characterize TCR repertoire in swine. First of all, the extraction of RNA from PBMC, bone marrow or spleen will be conducted. Ready-made RNA is also a good starting material when in good quality. Then, the library is constructed for the following sequencing. The success rate of library construction is up to 95%. Scientists of Creative Biolabs have also developed an efficient bioinformatics method for swine TCR repertoire analysis. We can offer high-quality customized services by tailoring protocols to meet every unique requirement in a time-saving manner.

Key advantages of Swine TCR Repertoire Profiling Service

As a leading custom service provider in immune repertoire sequencing and corresponding bioinformatics analysis, Creative Biolabs has accumulated rich experience. We are dedicated to providing the best service of TCR repertoire profiling in swine for all our global clients.

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