Magic™ TCR γ δ Repertoire Profiling

With years of research and development experience in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has owned a group of scientists who have the distinguished understanding of the adaptive immune system. We are proficient in providing high-quality service of TCR γ δ CDR3 repertoires profiling by our Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform. Our data will provide a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of TCR γ δ repertoire in the physiological condition, which is an important clue to the underlying mechanism of γ δ T cell recognition of tumor antigens.

The Properties of TCR γ δ Repertoire

T lymphocytes are classified structurally into two subtypes according to the different heterodimers TCR α β and γ δ. γ δ T cells function as sentinels in early host response to infections and malignancies. Although γ δ T cells account for a minor fraction in the peripheral blood of healthy individuals, they constitute a major subset of T cells in the intestine and skin. They serve as a bridge between innate and adaptive immunity in the first line defense of tumorigenesis and pathogen infection. Similar to TCR α β, TCR γ δ is also generated by the rearrangement of germline gene V-(D)-J-C fragments. The antigen binding site of TCR γ δ consists of six complementary determinant regions (CDRs). γ δ T cells show more connection diversity compared with TCR α β. The diversity of TCR γ δ CDR3 repertoire is quite dispersed and individually different. The TCR δ chain (TRD) repertoire displayed more diversity and showed less sharing sequences among individuals compared with TCR γ chain (TRG). Previously, the analysis of TCR γ δ CDR3 repertoire is restricted by limited techniques based on clonal sequencing. Therefore, the detailed characteristics of the TCR γ δ CDR3 repertoire remain unclear. A comprehensive analysis would answer fundamental questions about the diversity of the TCR γ δ CDR3 repertoire and elucidate the mechanism underlying γ δ T cell recognition of pathogens and tumor antigens.

Magic™ TCR γ δ Repertoire ProfilingFig.1 The TCR γ δ does not require the CD3 conformational change (Dopfer et al. 2014).

TCR γ δ Repertoire Profiling Service in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has established a high-throughput Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform for TCR sequencing. Our scientists can perform a comprehensive analysis of TCR γ δ by immune repertoire sequencing. After the extraction of total RNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) or tissues, RT-PCR and arm-PCRs were performed to amplify the cDNAs. cDNAs are normalized by the γ δ T cell percentage in each sample and then sequenced on our powerful Magic™ platform. The diversity, N-addition length distribution and germline gene V and J segment usage of CDR3 γ and CDR3 δ repertoire are analyzed through our unique bioinformatics peptides.

Key Advantages

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in the field of immunology, scientists of Creative Biolabs have performed over hundreds of TCR repertoire sequencing projects and accumulated sufficient experiences. Our scientists can perform a comprehensive analysis of TCR γ δ repertoire for all our global customers.

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  1. Dopfer, E.P.; et al. The CD3 conformational change in the γ δ T cell receptor is not triggered by antigens but can be enforced to enhance tumor killing. Cell Rep. 2014, 7(5):1704-15.

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