Magic™ Tumor-associated TCR Repertoires Profiling by RNA Sequencing

High-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) of T cell receptor (TCR) repertoires has provided a broad perspective of TCR diversity at an unprecedented level. Beyond profiling peripheral blood, analysis of tissue-resident T cells provides further insight into immune-related diseases. Creative Biolabs can provide the service of RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq), extract TCR information from RNA-seq datasets and use it to characterize tumor-associated TCR repertoires. Our method could inform future cancer immunotherapy strategies, and it will have value in exploring other immune-related pathologies. We are proud to introduce this high-quality service for our customers all over the world.

The Background of RNA-seq

TCR repertoire plays an essential role in the adaptive immune system. Classical TCR sequencing (TCR-seq) methods have provided a detailed view of TCR diversity. Typically, CDR3 sequence information is obtained by performing TCR-seq on peripheral blood mononuclear cells, amplifying the CDR3 region with a conserved gene primer. As they rely on targeted amplicon sequencing, they could not avoid PCR bias. Deep sequencing technology has made whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing become true. Deep sequencing technology also provides opportunities for the extraction of immunological data using specialized software tools. TCR-seq applied to tissue can provide insight into tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, T cells associated autoimmune pathology and infection.

Magic™ Tumor-associated TCR Repertoires Profiling by RNA Sequencing Fig.1 Sharing of CDR3 β sequences (Brown et al. 2015).

Tumor-associated TCR Repertoires Profiling Service in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has optimized the strategy for the extraction of TCR repertoire information from RNA-seq datasets of solid tumors. After samples are prepared, we performed RNA-seq on our unique Magic™ platform. A summary of our analytical method is as follows: (1) extraction of CDR3 sequences from RNA-seq data by using positive and negative control, (2) assessing CDR3 extraction efficiency using simulated data, (3) approximation of TCR transcript abundance, gene expression and inferred pairing of TCR alpha and beta subunits. This method avoids the need for PCR amplification and provides TCR information in global gene expression level, allowing an integrated analysis of extensive RNA-seq data resources.

Key Advantages of Our Tumor-associated TCR Repertoires Profiling Service

As a long-term expert in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has extensive experience and advanced technology platform for RNA-seq. Our scientists have accomplished and analyzed over hundreds of RNA sequencing projects. We can provide the best service of the extraction of TCR information from RNA-seq datasets from solid tumors for our global customers.

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  1. Brown, S.D.; et al. Profiling tissue-resident T cell repertoires by RNA sequencing. Genome Med. 2015, 7:125.

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