Magic™ Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Rare T Cell Clones

Creative Biolabs offers the unparalleled mass sequencing service to analyze the T cell receptors (TCR) repertoires. According to the Magic™ high-throughput sequencing platform, our scientists have developed a new strategy to analyze TCR beta chain for the ultra-sensitive detection of rare T cell clones. Using the TCR β sequences to tag each T cell clone, it is sufficiently sensitive to reliably detect clones at a level of one cell in 100,000. Using genomic DNA as a template, our method has the ability to accurately capture the frequency of individual TCR clonotypes in samples.

The Background of High-throughput Sequencing of TCR Repertoire

Highly diverse T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire allows the human cellular adaptive immune system to protect the body against a series of potential pathogens. TCR is a heterodimeric receptor, comprised of an α and a β chain. These chains are somatically rearranged from individual gene segments to create millions of different surface receptors. Simultaneously, the majority of T cells express a single productively rearranged TCR α and β chain allele. The nucleotide sequence encoding the TCR β chain is determined by somatic rearrangement of V, D, and J segments, along with a set of insertions and deletions at the junctions between the V and D, and the D and J segments. Advances in high-throughput sequencing have enabled the technologies to excavate the adaptive immune system with unprecedented depth. Previous sequencing method using a single pair of primers is not appropriate for genomic DNA, due to the size of the intronic sequence between the J segments and the downstream constant region.

Magic™ Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Rare T Cell Clones

Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Rare T Cell Clones in Creative Biolabs

Utilizing the power of our Magic™ high-throughput sequencing platform, Creative Biolabs has developed a method for ultra-sensitive detection of rare T cell clones. Each T cell clone is doped into complex blood cell samples. We have designed a pool of primers to all V and J pairs as well as a portion of the J and V segments. Deep sequencing of the TCR β locus for each sample will be conducted. The full-length TCR β chain sequence is almost a unique tag that allows us to identify and track individual T cell clones. Each TCR β sequence is identified with one short read. In addition, our technology could be applied to both genomic DNA and cDNA.

Key Advantages

Scientists of Creative Biolabs have performed over hundreds of TCR repertoire sequencing projects and accumulated sufficient experiences. We can provide this high-quality service for detection of rare T cell clones by TCR β chain sequencing technology. We are pleased to offer the best service with the most accurate results for our global customers.

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