Magic™ VHH Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of VHH repertoire analysis. We have developed an advanced Magic™ VHH repertoire analysis platform for the identification of single domain antibody. Combined with our single domain antibody library service, we are able to provide custom VHH development service tailored to the unique requirements by our customers.

What is VHH?

VHH is also known as single domain antibody. It is an antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain with binding ability to a specific target. VHH has a molecular weight of only 12-15 kDa, which is much smaller than the regular antibodies. They also have other distinct advantages over the regular antibodies. Compared to the common antibodies, single domain antibodies are easier to be isolated from the phage display panning procedure. They could be cultured in vitro with high concentrations. In addition, single domain antibodies are easier to be transformed into bacterial cells for bulk production because of their small sizes.

Figure 1. Structures of conventional antibodies and V<sub>H</sub>H.
Figure 1. Structures of conventional antibodies and VHH.

Advantages of Magic™ VHH repertoire analysis

The Magic™ VHH repertoire analysis we developed could facilitate the VHH identification process, allowing a deeper and broader understanding of the resulted VHH repertoire from a phage display screening. The high-throughput sequencing technologies could characterize the functional VHH repertoire in a large scale. It is also able to sequence the full-length paired heavy and light chains.

In this process, many technologies could be incorporated, such as linkage PCR and droplet PCR. Furthermore, the bioinformatics analysis of a clonal antibody family and the expression of the representative member produce the antibody could identify the specific antigens of the immune response, therefore study the mechanisms of the protective or pathogenic functions. The deep sequencing of the antibody repertoire could provide the novel diagnostic tool, therapeutic antibodies and reliable biomarkers for a variety of diseases.

The Magic™ VHH repertoire analysis provides a much larger sequencing capacity that is million folds of the conventional Sanger sequencing, allowing much more possibilities of selecting VHH with high affinity and specificity. Also, the quality and the diversity of the library could be ensured by the Magic™ analysis which eliminates the bias of the multiple rounds of selection required by the traditional sequencing method.

Creative Biolabs has more than a decade of experience on custom antibody development services. Combined with our phage display platform, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop service for VHH development, from immunization, library construction, screening, to antibody engineering. With the Magic™ VHH repertoire analysis, we are confident in offering the VHH production in a most effective and efficient manner.


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