Magic™ Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit

Creative Biolabs now launches wheat germ cell-free protein expression kits to serve global researchers with their protein expression programs. Utilizing our optimized wheat germ cell-free expression kits, our clients can easily produce various challenging proteins (e.g. GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, and toxic proteins) in their laboratories.

Introduction to cell-free protein synthesis

Cell-free protein synthesis has emerged as a powerful technology platform that can satisfy the growing demand for simple and efficient protein production. In this way, the target protein can be synthesized without the involvement of living cells, meaning that protein synthesis environment is not constrained by the cell wall or homeostasis conditions necessary for the maintenance of cell viability. Hence, this unique system is now widely applied for a number of applications, such as optimization of protein production, optimization of protein complexes, non-natural amino acids incorporation, high-throughput screenings, and synthetic biology.

In particular, the most advantageous feature of this technique is its unparalleled expression turnaround time. Completely free from the cellular integrity, cell-free machinery can be the most simple and robust way to correlate phenotype to genotype. By using either mRNA template in translational systems or DNA template (e.g. PCR fragments, and plasmid DNA) in coupled transcription and translation systems, protein products can be obtained within a few days or even hours.

Magic™ Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit

Advantages of wheat germ cell-free system

In the perspective of cell free biology, embryos of wheat germ contain all the necessary macromolecular components that required for the translation of mRNA into protein. Wheat germ extract is capable of efficiently translating exogenous RNA to proteins from viruses and yeast to higher plants and mammals.

Highly potent wheat germ extracts offer one of the most powerful and reliable cell-free protein expression system that is successfully used for the production of difficult-to-express proteins like membrane proteins and multiple protein complexes. Advantages of wheat germ expressed proteins are as follows:

Magic™ Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit

Our featured kit

Currently, we provide this unique, optimized wheat germ cell-free kit product that enables high-efficient expression of all kinds of challenging proteins with up to 70 times greater yield per mL than those of other conventional cell-free systems. The advantages of our kits including but not limited to:

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