Magic™ Zebrafish Antibody Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs offers the unparalleled mass sequencing service to analyze the antibody repertoires of zebrafish. According to our Magic™ platform based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) technique, our scientists are able to perform a comprehensive analysis of the heavy-chain antibody repertoire of zebrafish.

The Background of Zebrafish Immune System

The antibody repertoire generated by the immune system can be directed to create antibodies with broad chemical diversity and high selectivity. There already has been a good understanding of the potentially available diversity and the mechanistic aspects of how this diversity is generated. Antibodies are composed of heavy chains and light chains, each containing a highly diversified antigen binding domain. The V, D and J gene segments of the antibody heavy chain variable genes go through a series of recombination events to generate a new heavy chain gene. Since zebrafish shares great homology to the human genome, it is an ideal model system for studying the adaptive immune system. Like human, zebrafish has a combinatorial rearrangement of V, D and J gene segments to create antibodies. It also has junctional diversity during recombination and somatic hypermutation of antibodies to improve specificity, and the organization of its immunoglobulin (Ig) gene loci approximates that of human. Each individual’s immune system is an independent experiment in evolution by natural selection. It is still unclear what fraction of the potential repertoire is expressed in an individual zebrafish at any point in time.

Zebrafish Antibody Repertoire Analysis

Zebrafish Antibody Repertoire Analysis in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has established the high-throughput Magic™ platform for large-scale sequencing services. Our scientists have developed an approach to defining the antibody repertoire of zebrafish by analyzing complementarity determining region 3 (CDR3) of the heavy chain. mRNA is prepared from the whole fish, and then cDNA is synthesized by using primers designed to capture the entire variable region. The antibody repertoire library will be sequenced on our high-throughput Magic™ platform. Our scientists focus our analysis on CDR3 sequences. This approach provides insight into the breadth of the expressed antibody repertoire and immunological diversity at the level of an individual zebrafish.

Key Advantages of Our Zebrafish Antibody Repertoire Analysis Services

As a long-term expert in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has owned lots of scientists who are proficient in analyzing the zebrafish antibody repertoire. We are confident in providing clients with the best service at the most competitive cost.

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