Mammalian Cell Display Library Construction & Screening

The use of transient mammalian expression systems for the production of complex proteins has increased and boosted through efficient transaction protocols and cell lines grown at high density. In the last decade, scientists of Creative Biolabs have made considerable efforts to develop mammalian cell surface display technology. With our extensive experience, we now offer mammalian cell display library construction and screening services for our worldwide customers.

As a powerful strategy for discovering and selecting antibodies, mammalian cell display relies on the transient or stable transfection of an antibody encoded DNA into mammalian cells. Subsequently stringent screening using FACS sorting or flow cytometry then enables enrichment of desired antibody products. This display system is well applicative in selecting antibody fragments (e.g. scFv, Fab) and full-length antibodies which cannot be done by other display systems like phage display, ribosome display, and bacteria display. Moreover, the expressed antibodies by mammalian cell display contain the post-translational modifications that are required for antibody function.

Mammalian Cells Display Library Construction & Screening

Antibody expression systems in mammalian cells can be broadly divided into two categories, transient expression systems in which encoded genes can directly transcribe for mRNAs using the promoters located on the expression vectors resulting in rapid, short, but the efficient protein expression, and stable expression systems in which they can either be introduced into the genome of host cells by heterogeneous integration resulting in stable and long-last time expression. Both systems have been used for antibody display and have their own advantages. In any event, it requires suitable host mammalian cell lines and suitable eukaryotic expression vectors for antibody display. Due to the different properties and applications, Creative Biolabs is pleased to display the antibodies on the most appropriate host cells, such as HEK293T, COS cells, Lymphoma-derived B cells, BHK cells and CHO cells, which can meet the special needs of customers.

At the same time, Creative Biolabs will help you select vectors suitable for the expression systems, including the pcDNA series, pDGB and some viral-based vectors for mammalian cell display. We also specialize in a large number of transient ion methods, including liposuction, ineffective, electroporation, and calcium phosphate trading, which radically improve transaction efficiency.

In vivo and in vitro antibody selection and affinity maturation. Fig.1 In vivo and in vitro antibody selection and affinity maturation. (Bowers, 2014)

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With our advanced platforms and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs can provide global customers with the most suitable technical services to meet your research and project goals. We guarantee the finest results. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


  1. Bowers, P.M.; et al. Mammalian cell display for the discovery and optimization of antibody therapeutics. Methods. 2014, 65(1):44-56.

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