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Magic™ Anti-Ion Channel Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs devotes the excellent team to explore expression and purification of membrane protein for a long time. The experts accumulate rich experiences in antibody production service targeting Ion channels research.

Ion channels play key roles in physiology and disease by modulation of cellular functions such as cell migration, secretion, electrical excitability, and gene transcription. Ion channels represent an important target for drug discovery, to date, using small-molecule approaches. Antibodies display high specificity and affinity for their target antigene specially having the highly selective potential to target Ion channels. However, isolating antibodies to this target class is challenging because the difficulties in expression and purification of Ion channels in a format suitable for antibody drug discovery in addition to the complexity of screening for function.

(A) Structure of a typical IgG molecule. (B) Variable domain genetic structure and construction of a natural phage display library.

To meet all needs of scientists from around the world, experts from Creative Biolabs has developed a Magic™ platform aiming to save much time and gain higher affinity antibodies. The three main methods for antibody expression are as follows:

Cell-based Expression
Cell-free Expression
Virus-like Particles (VLPs) and Lipoparticles

Configurations of cell free reaction and variations of expression mode for producing membrane proteins.

Magic™ platform also serve for two major screening methods of antibody, Phage Display Library Screening and Phage Display Library Screening.

Phage Display Library Screening
Mouse/Rat Hybridoma Production

Creative Biolabs provides custom anti-membrane proteins antibody production services including but not limited to:

Anti-GPCR antibody
Anti-Ion channels antibody
Anti-Transporters antibody

Chan, C.E.Z., Lim, A.P.C., MacAry, P.A., and Hanson, B.J. (2014). The role of phage display in therapeutic antibody discovery. Int Immunol 26, 649-657.

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