Microengraving Technology for Single Cell Isolation

Thanks to our knowledgeable scientists and advanced instrumentation systems, Creative Biolabs enables customers to streamline workflows of the revolutionary antibody discovery by microengraving technology underpinning Native™ Antibody Discovery (single B cell antibody discovery). The single B cell antibody strategies harbor the potential to isolate native mAbs with the preservation of the natural VH and VL pairing that are present predominantly in vivo and difficult to emulate in vitro. Microengraving antibody discovery system is specifically designed to provide rapid screening and detection of single cells secreting antibodies with the desired reactivity profiles from large populations of primary B cells for our clients with significant reductions in operational costs, time and resource utilization.

How Does Microengraving Technique Work?

Based on the same principles as ELISA, microengraving technique can be applied as an extraordinary approach for single B cell antibody discovery, which uses an engineered micro-tool fabricated by a soft lithographic method. Combined with the use of multiple donor species and immunization regimens, this approach enables us to generate large and diverse repertoires of stable, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies including rare antibodies. These high-quality antibody repertoires form the basis for a comprehensive high throughput screening effort to identify optimal antibody leads against targets of interest. Microengraving technique uses the microfabricated array of sub-nanoliter wells to isolate individual antigen-specific antibody secreting cells (ASCs) spatially and print protein microarrays, where each spot on the array contains antigen-specific IgG secreted by a single cell. Ultra-high-throughput screenings by microwell arrays can contribute to discovering unique clonal variants. In addition, analysis using arrays of microwells and yielding data of the appropriate format (block, row, and column locations for wells of interest) significantly enhance the rate and success of recovery in either semi-automated or automated modes.

Microengraving Technology for Single Cell Isolation Fig.1 Schematic overview of microengraving technology.

Workflow of Antibody Generation by Microengraving Technology

The microengraving antibody generation technology enables a rapid and high-throughput system for screening of ASCs, and subsequent recovery and clonal expansion of single B cells of interest. Microengraving technique was applied to detect and isolate auto-reactive Abs from primary B cells and collect multiparametric datasets that describe the specificity, isotype and apparent affinity of the Abs secreted from many isolated individual primary B cells. Additionally, high-throughput methods have been generated that lead to the efficient identification of B cells having the desired specificity. Isolated antigen-specific B cells will also provide nature VH and VL pairs, amplified by RT-PCR and nested PCR for either deep sequencing or in vitro recombinant mAb production.

Microengraving Technology for Single Cell Isolation Fig.2 Workflow of antibody discovery by microengraving system.

Significant Features of Microengraving Technology

Creative Biolabs offers a series of custom monoclonal antibody discovery services by microengraving technology with the best quality and competitive price based on technical expertise and know-how. Our excellent specialists exploit a highly automated and sophisticated process to effectively select, purify, generate and evaluate antibody to facilitate your research or projects. If you have any requirements or questions for our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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