Monoclonal Bovine Antibody Production

Monoclonal Bovine Antibody Production Creative Biolabs offers custom antibody production service for the generation of novel bovine (cow/cattle) monoclonal antibodies. With our advanced phage display technology, our seasoned scientists are confident in selecting bovine antibodies with high specificity and affinity, especially the antibodies with ultralong CDR3 (complementarity determining region 3).

In antibody related research, bovine (cow/cattle) is an unusually source to generate antibodies with exceptionally long CDR3 loops and a few variable regions. Naturally, about 10% of bovine antibodies contain this novel ultralong CDR3 structure, and the size of these antibodies is recognized as the largest among all the antibodies identified from the animal kingdom. The ultralong CDR3 loops from cattle antibody are the longest (50-61 amino acids) compared with CDR3 loops of other species. Relevant structure and deep sequencing analysis have indicated that the ultralong CDR3 loop has an even number of cysteines, forming a unique architecture in which the cysteines participate in constituting a diversified disulfide-bonded ‘‘knob’’ domain that supported by a β strand ‘‘stalk’’. This long CDR3 loop renders cattle antibody with more efficiency in attacking diverse bacteria and viruses or grabbing onto molecular targets, especially the antigens not recognized by traditional antibodies, such as the GPCRs. In addition, Creative Biolabs also provides the unique bovine humanization service for their ultralong CDR3 antibodies, which may serve as a new potential candidate in the research and development of antibody-based therapies or diagnostics.

Based on our rich experience and deep understanding of both antibody development and phage display technology, Creative Biolabs is one of the few experts who can generate the monoclonal antibodies from bovine. Our scientists are familiar with the whole procedure from cattle immunization to antibody production and are able to generate immune bovine antibody libraries by our advanced phage display technology. By our mature biopanning techniques, the antigen-specific bovine antibodies can then be selected with high specificity and affinity. As alternative, Creative Biolabs also provides the unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform, which based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, to substitute phage display platform for Native™ Bovine Antibody Discovery.

As an industry leader in the field of antibody research and development, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing the most comprehensive antibody services for our global clients. By our advanced phage display technology, our scientists are able to generate monoclonal antibody from various species, such as human, monkey (NHP), rodents, rabbit, chicken, camel, shark, bovine, alligator and so on. It is our pleasure to serve our customers with tailored specific solutions for their demands and deliver the best products to facilitate their project development.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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