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Monoclonal Ferret Antibody Production

Monoclonal Ferret Antibody Production Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the unique ferret monoclonal antibody production service through our advanced phage display technology. Our scientists are confident in providing one-stop service from immunization to antibody validation for the discovery of novel ferret antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

Ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is a kind of domestic animals belongs to the family Mustelidae (also includes weasel, otter and mink). Biologically, ferrets share several anatomical and physiological features with human. Therefore, this species becomes one of important experimental animal models for the investigation of various physiological processes and diseases, such as avian influenza, canine distemper, morbilliviruses and cystic fibrosis and gastrointestinal disease, as well as in some areas of biomedical research including the prophylactic and vaccine development. In immunology, the ferret is a novel host species for the discovery of polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies. Although the immune system of ferret has not been well characterized, it is still considered to offer some combined advantages over those regular laboratory animal species. Compared with the widely used rodents, rabbits and dogs, ferrets are relatively small mammals with distant evolutionary relationships, able to produce comprehensive immune repertoires, meanwhile sufficiently large to provide frequent and adequate blood sample for immune assay. In addition, some researches also indicate that some antibodies against human CD markers can also cross-react with CD markers on ferret peripheral blood leucocytes (PBLs). Therefore, the development of ferret antibodies is a potential opportunity to discover novel target binders with high specificity and affinity, especially for those antigens that show a low immune response in regular laboratory animals.

To acquire the feasible monoclonal antibodies from a variety of species, Creative Biolabs has applied the phage display technology to overcome the limitation of hybridoma technology. Based on the interested antigens, our scientists are able to immunize a broad range of species, such as ferret, mink, rodents, rabbits, monkey, chicken, dog, camel, shark and alligator, and generate the corresponding immune antibody phage display libraries for the scanning and isolating of monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity. Alternatively, Creative Biolabs also provides the unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform, which based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, to substitute phage display platform for Native™ Ferret Antibody Discovery.

As one of industry leaders in the antibody research and development, Creative Biolabs has provided antibody related services to thousands of customers all over the world. Our professional scientists have decades’ specific experience in antibody realm, and are pleased to utilize their expertise and skills to tailor the most appropriate service according to our clients’ research purpose.

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