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Monoclonal Hamster Antibody Production

Monoclonal Hamster Antibody Production

With our state-of-the-art phage display technique and extensive expertise in the field of antibody manufacture, Creative Biolabs offers custom hamster monoclonal antibody production service. Currently, our clients all around the world are able to adopt monoclonal hamster antibodies with high specificity and affinity to facilitate their diverse research programs.

Hamster belongs to the family Cricetidae, order Rodentia. Together with its rodent brothers, rat and mouse, the hamster has been one of the most frequently used lab animals for massive experiments and research projects. Although rat and mouse antibodies take various advantages, the evolutionary proximity of the two species may restrict the antibody responses as they share many conserved antigenic structures. As an alternative, hamster, which is more evolutionarily distant, can make a suitable option in areas where mouse and rat antibodies may not work well.

Monoclonal hamster antibodies were first generated in 1982 by creating stable hamster-mouse hybridomas and demonstrated great affinity and stability. Over decades of study, monoclonal hamster antibodies have revealed multiple unique advantages, including but not limited to:

With all these beneficial features described above, monoclonal hamster antibodies are currently being used in multiple research and industrial programs, such as the development of affinitive neutralizing reagents to murine cytokines, receptors, transcription factors and establishing in vivo disease models.

Based on the unparalleled technology of phage display, scientists from Creative Biolabs are dedicated in antibody manufacturing and engineering over the past decades. So far we have obtained remarkable success in generating a variety of monoclonal antibodies from diverse animal species, including:

In particular, we have strong confidence in isolating impeccable monoclonal hamster antibodies that not only specifically bind to indicated targets, but also best satisfy other specific custom demands. Besides, Creative Biolabs also provides the exclusive Native™ Hamster Antibody Discovery Service, which is based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology to yield high-quality antibodies with naïve paired heavy- and light-chain.

As your reliable and trustworthy scientific partner, Creative Biolabs is always ready to assist clients all around the world to best facilitate their diverse projects with first-class, cost-effective antibody related services.

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