Monoclonal Horse Antibody Production

Monoclonal Horse Antibody Production

As a well-recognized leader in the field of antibody engineering and phage display, Creative Biolabs is specialized in generating high-quality monoclonal antibodies from a variety of species. Currently, our clients around the world are able to adopt professional service of horse monoclonal antibody production using our proven phage display technology platform.

Horse, which belongs to the family Equidae, is one of the most ancient domestic species. Although intensively studied since the 1970s, the antibody composition of horses hasn’t been fully characterized until recently. It is evidenced that horse possesses 11 immunoglobulin subclasses: IgM, IgD, IgA, IgE, and seven IgG isotypes, which are sorted by different genotypes of the heavy-chain constant region. This makes horse the mammalian species with the highest number of IgG constant region variants so far. IgG is the predominant immunoglobulin in horse serum mainly responsible for eliciting immune responses and neutralizing pathogens. Among all these seven IgG isotypes, IgG4, IgG7, and probably IgG1 are protective against intracellular infections, while IgG3 and/or IgG5 play critical roles in extracellular pathogens and acute infections. The varied functional capabilities might provide implications for humoral immune response mechanisms as well as vaccine strategies. In addition, horse immune system shares many common characteristics with human’s. For instance, the T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma (TCRBCL), which is a unique diffuse B-cell lymphoma variant in human, rarely expresses in other animals except for the horse. Taken together, horse antibodies possess many unique traits and are well amenable for large-scale production. It represents an invaluable tool for various biomedical, diagnostic, and academic purposes.

Creative Biolabs now offers customized service of monoclonal horse antibody production based on our unparalleled phage display platform. Our seasoned scientific staff can generate comprehensive phage display horse antibody libraries from immunized horses, and further isolate ideal antibodies with high specificity and affinity through biopanning. With our well-proven technologies and extensive operating experience, Creative Biolabs can guarantee our clients the most satisfactory monoclonal antibody products with adequate specificity and affinity as well as meeting other custom objectives. As an alternative, we also offer exclusive service to obtain native horse antibodies with our brand-new Native™ Horse Antibody Discovery Service, which is based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology.

Creative Biolabs has gained remarkable success in delivering plenty of monoclonal antibodies from various host species, including:

As a trustworthy scientific partner, Creative Biolabs is always willing to support worldwide customers with their cutting-edge research projects.

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