Monoclonal Zebrafish Antibody Production

Monoclonal Zebrafish Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized service provider of immune antibody production. We are pleased to introduce our zebrafish monoclonal antibody production service.  Combined with our advanced phage display technology and the antibody engineering services, we could offer the most trustworthy solutions of your zebrafish antibody development projects.

Zebrafish is a kind of minnow-like freshwater fish belongs to the family Cyprinidae. They have impressive similarities of the human genome and relatively short life cycles. Therefore zebrafish is an ideal tool for investigating gene expression and also the mechanism of diseases. Zebrafish has an adaptive immune system which has features that are much like essential human elements. They have a recombination activating gene (RAG), and their V, D, and J gene segments are rearranged combinatorially to generate antibodies. The junctional diversity of the antibodies which origins from the recombination and somatic hypermutation could improve the organization and the specificity of the immunoglobulin, resulting in comparable gene loci to human.

Furthermore, there are only ~300,000 antibody-producing B cells in zebrafish immune system, which is five orders of magnitude simpler than human and three orders of magnitude simpler than mouse.  In general, the secreted type of the heavy chain in zebrafish consists of four CH domains, which is similar to IgM of mammalian. It also has stable and flexible V-D-J regions.

In order to select antibodies with high affinity and specificity, constructing and selecting immune library through phage display technology is the most effective and efficient strategy. Creative Biolabs has developed a superior phage display platform to isolate monoclonal antibody. An immune library with a diversity of ~1010 could be constructed by phage display. In terms of a series of selection methods available at Creative Biolabs, our scientists are confident in isolating the most reliable antibodies. To satisfy different requirements of the projects, either solid phase screening, solution-sorting or cell-based selection could be applied properly by our seasoned scientists. Furthermore, we could improve the affinity and stability of selected candidates with our affinity maturation and humanization services.

Besides zebrafish monoclonal antibody production service, Creative Biolabs also provides monoclonal antibodies from various types of animals, including but not limited to:

Creative Biolabs has years of experience in phage display immune library construction, screening, and other related services. We have a proven record of developing zebrafish antibody with high affinity and specificity. Our scientists could offer one-stop solution for zebrafish monoclonal antibody production to meet our clients’ specific demands.

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