Naked DNA Immunization Service

DNA immunization (or gene immunization) is a technique first developed in the 1990s based on the discovery that xenograft naked DNA can be integrated into host gene and induced immune responses. Compared to conventional protein immunization, where the antigen is applied, DNA immunization involves in encoding antigen by genetic materials. Creative Biolabs is pleased to launch our antibody platform based on naked DNA immunization technique, which is an attractive method for antibody generation or induction of T-cell mediated cytotoxic responses.

Naked DNA Immunization ServiceFig. 1 The brief workflow of naked DNA immunization

Features of Naked DNA Immunization Service

Naked or free DNA implantation is one of the simplest and attractive methods for antibody discovery and development. Utilizing the DNA of interest target to induce immune response is able to provide great advantages in antibody generation:

Flow Chart of DNA Immunization Service

Creative Biolabs offers one-stop DNA immunization services including DNA design, transfection, animal experiments, and antibody production. By combining our gene synthesis technique, efficient vector system, and tremendous experience in immunological protein production, scientists in Creative Biolabs are confident in bring DNA immunization based antibody production from concept to execution. A brief flow chart of these services is list as follow:

Stages Procedures
Gene Synthesis
  • In silico design and codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Expression vector selection and construction
  • Validation
DNA Immunization
  • Large-scale plasmid production
  • DNA immunization in animal (a comprehensive species available)
  • Titration
Antibody Development
Antibody Production

As one of our featured techniques, we provide a number of gene delivery approaches to fit the needs of different projects. These methods including needle injection into tissue, such as our featured Magic™ DNA immunization strategy; electrical delivery like in vivo electroporation and gene gun; and chemical carriers including liposomes immunization and numerous polymers. Please refer to our customer service for detail information.

Creative Biolabs is led by experienced experts and facilitated with advanced techniques. As one of leading research organizations in the fields of antibody R&D, we are confident in various therapeutic protein generation. Our scientist will stay closely with our clients to strike each milestone in DNA immunization project. Aside from the naked DNA immunization, Creative Biolabs also provide other DNA immunization-related services for unique antibody development and production, including but not limited to:


  1. Shuying Liu, Shixia Wang, & Shan Lu. (2016). DNA immunization as a technology platform for monoclonal antibody induction. Emerging Microbes & Infections, 5(4), E33.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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