Native™ Hamster Antibody Discovery

Native™ Hamster Antibody Discovery

Scientists of Creative Biolabs are proud to introduce our exclusive Native™ Hamster Antibody Discovery service using our cutting-edge technology, Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform. Our worldwide customers now are able to adopt high-quality native hamster antibodies for best delivering their research goals.

Hamsters belong to the largest and most diversified order of Mammalia class, the Rodentia. Like its rodent brothers, rat and mouse, hamster is currently one of the most frequently used lab animals. Monoclonal IgG and IgM of hamster were first produced in the 1980s by creating stable hamster-mouse hybridomas. Although mouse and rat antibodies provide a convenient tool for many applications, the evolutionary proximity of these two species may restrict the antibody responses as they share many conserved antigenic structures. On the other hand, hamster, which is more evolutionarily distant, can be a suitable choice in areas where mouse and rat antibodies might not work very well.

Monoclonal hamster antibodies have multiple unique advantages. First, they are non-immunogenic in mice and have a relatively long circulatory half-life as long as 14 days, thus making an ideal model for establishing diverse in vivo disease models. What else, monoclonal hamster antibodies usually exhibit high-affinity levels and can be easily purified.

Through our comprehensive antigen-specific B lymphocyte sorting technology, Creative Biolabs proudly introduces our patent platform for harvesting native antibodies with impeccable quality, the Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform. This unique platform can effectively generate high diversity native hamster antibody libraries and isolate antibodies with high specificity and affinity after in vivo affinity maturation. With our unparalleled technology, native hamster antibodies generated from this platform have extraordinary advantages over traditional antibody products, including:

Based on our sophisticated technique platform and extensive expertise in this field, scientists from Creative Biolabs are dedicated to producing the most satisfactory antibody products to boost the research projects for our global customers. We have successfully tailored over 2000 native antibodies from a wide range of animal species, including but not limited to:

As a trustworthy and reliable scientific partner, Creative Biolabs guarantees our clients the high-quality and cost-effective services of Native™ hamster antibody discoveries. For more details, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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