Native™ Sheep Antibody Discovery

Native™ Sheep Antibody Discovery

Customers of Creative Biolabs are now able to adopt high-quality native monoclonal sheep antibodies utilizing our unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform. With this innovative proprietary technology, our scientists have strong confidence to isolate high-quality native antibodies targeting various antigens from antigen-specific B lymphocytes of the immunized sheep.

As is known, sheep is closely related to goat, both of which belong to the family Bovidae. Therefore, sheep is another suitable option for large-scale antibody production for their large volume of antiserum yield (typically around 200-300 mL for each). This allows researchers to obtain total antibody products from a single animal, unlike other smaller host candidates, i.e. rats or chickens. In addition, sheep also demonstrates much greater immune sensitivity than other animals. Native antibodies from immunized sheep are generally of higher binding affinity and broader ranges of epitope recognition. Evidenced by pepscan analysis with small linear of biotinylated peptides of 10-20 amino acids, native sheep antibodies proved to recognize a wide spectrum of heterogeneous epitopes. This makes sheep an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

With years of devotion, scientists in Creative Biolabs are proud to bring out our patent technique platform, the Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform. Based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, this unique platform offers a novel strategy allows high-throughput antibody discovery from antigen preparation, animal immunization to antibody purification. Particularly, these native sheep antibodies that have gone through in vivo affinity maturation can display higher specificity and affinity than other conventional antibody products. Their major advantages can be described as below:

As an undisputed pioneer in the field of antibody production, Creative Biolabs has successfully generated over 2000 native antibodies from a range of host species for our customer all over the globe:

With unparalleled techniques and extensive expertise, scientists in Creative Biolabs are confident in tailoring antibodies that not only recognize specific targets but also meet specific custom demands in the most satisfactory manner. We are always willing to share our professional knowledge and technologies to assist our clients’ revolutionary projects. For more details, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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