Neonatal Tolerization Method

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of immunization strategies, our service portfolio includes different kinds of immunization methods such as subtractive immunization. Neonatal tolerization is one of the three tolerization methods during the subtractive immunization. Now Creative Biolabs has built the mature Neonatal tolerization service for our customers all over the world.

Introduction of Neonatal Tolerization

For the immune system of animals, the adult animals have the ability to distinguish Self and Non-Self. When the foreign substances exposed to adult animals, the adult would initiate the immune response. However, compared with the adult animals, the embryo is much more tend to receive the foreign substances. The embryo can acquire a state of tolerance for the Non-Self determinants until adulthood under a premise of proper exposure. An organism is trying to develop an immunogenetic definition of Self shortly before and after birth and the foreign antigens can always be incorporated in this definition.

Neonatal Tolerization Protocol

In general, the protocol of neonatal tolerization can be organized into three steps:

(1) The immature immune system of the neonate shortly after birth can incorporate the foreign antigens into its immune system and give the definition of Self.
(2) In this case, the mature pre-immune B-cells with tolerogen specificity in the neonate turn to be inactivated. The B-cells with corresponding antigenic specificity are inhibited and eliminated clonally and results that the adult fails to initiate the immune response when exposed to these antigens.
(3) As a result, the immune response can only initiate for the epitopes which are not recognized as Self in the immunization of a neonatally tolerized animal.

Applications of Neonatal Tolerization

Now neonatal tolerization has been widely used in the antibodies production against minor antigenic determinants via suppressing the immune response to the immunodominant epitope and increase the immune response to less immunogenic epitopes. What’ more, the similar suppression of an immune response in a neonatally tolerized animal can also prevent the initiation of an immune response to a closely related immunogen. Based on more and more research results about neonatal tolerization, now it has been developed into a mature method for the subtractive immunization.

Neonatal Tolerization.Fig.1 Neonatal Tolerization.

Based on our extensive experience and advanced platform. Creative Biolabs now can provide the high-efficiency neonatal tolerization service for our clients all over the world. For the varies purposes and requirement, our service can be tailor-designed to meet your specific needs. If you are interested in our Neonatal tolerization service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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