With integrated NHP resources and professional pre-clinical research team, Creative Biolabs supports laboratory NHP preclinical studies by providing a large variety of NHP biological products, including but are not limited to whole blood, serum, plasma, primary cells, tissue, body fluid and recombinant reagent. In addition, served as a contract research organization specializing in preclinical animal studies for decades, we have developed a broad range of NHP disease models, which giving us capabilities in providing biologicals derived from diseased primates.

Non-human primates (NHPs) are one of the most expensive, complex, and harsh species used in biomedical research. Their high cost, scarcity, and high degree of sensitivity require different specialized infrastructures and care levels than the other species used in the research. Whereas, NHPs are still key animal models for specific types of biomedical research because they have close phylogenetic and physiological similarities to humans.

Over these years, we have seen a significant improvement in the knowledge of biology and nursing of these valuable animals. However, the use of NHPs in pharmaceutical research is still controversial, thus we must ensure a steady supply and service capacity to meet the urgent needs of biomedical researches. To this end, Creative Biolabs has established an independent and fully operational platform for systematic monitoring and evaluation of our projects and services to ensure high quality of our products.

NHP Biologicals from Creative Biolabs are for research, diagnostic, or manufacturing purposes only. They are not intended or approved for any other use.
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