P2RX1 Membrane Protein Introduction

Introduction of P2RX1

P2X purinoceptor 1 (P2RX1) is a protein that is encoded by the P2RX1 gene in humans. P2RX1 gene is mapped to chromosome 17p13.3. P2RX1 belongs to the G-protein-coupled receptors P2X family, also known as ATP-gated P2X receptor cation channel family, consists of cation-permeable ion channels that are regulated by the binding of extracellular adenosine 5'-triphosphate. P2X receptors are found in many organisms including humans, rat, mouse, chicken, rabbit, bullfrog, zebrafish, fluke, and amoeba. P2RX1 has a broad expression in platelets and blood cells, urinary bladder, bone marrow, etc.

Basic Information of P2RX1
Protein Name P2X purinoceptor 1
Gene Name P2RX1
Aliases ATP receptor, Purinergic receptor
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)
UniProt ID P51575
Transmembrane Times 2
Length (aa) 399

Function of P2RX1 Membrane Protein

Proteins of the P2X family can form hetero- and homotrimers and function as ATP-gated ion channels, which can regulate the selective permeability to cations. As a type of ATP-gated ion channel, P2RX1 is sensitive to the purinergic agonists ATP and alpha, beta-methylene ATP. P2RX1 seems to be involved in apoptosis, by changing the intracellular calcium concentration along with the consuming of ATP, leading to programmed cell death. It is reported that this receptor is required for normal male reproductive function in the mouse. Additionally, P2RX1 is also involved in many other biological processes, including blood coagulation, ceramide biosynthetic process, insemination, neutrophil degranulation, platelet activation, regulation of blood pressure, regulation of vascular smooth muscle contraction, and vasoconstriction. No experimental structure of P2RX1 is available, but a simulated trimer (Fig.1) can be found in the repository of SWISS-MODEL.

A simulated trimeric model of P2RX1 in the repository of SWISS-MODEL. Fig.1 A simulated trimeric model of P2RX1 in the repository of SWISS-MODEL. (Bienert, 2017)

Application of P2RX1 Membrane Protein in Literature

  1. Yang X., et al. ANP32A regulates histone H3 acetylation and promotes leukemogenesis. Leukemia. 2018, 32(7): 1587-1597. PubMed ID: 29467488

    This article demonstrates that histone H3 acetylation enrichment is related to mRNA changes in lipid-related genes, including P2RX1, PCSK9, APOC1, and LPPR3.

  2. Xia J., et al. Genome-Wide Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation-Based Proteomic Analysis of Toxoplasma gondii ROP18's Human Interactome Shows Its Key Role in Regulation of Cell Immunity and Apoptosis. Front Immunol. 2018, 9: 61. PubMed ID: 29459857

    This article confirms that P2RX1 is the target of ROP18I proved by co-immunoprecipitation and sensitized emission-fluorescence resonance energy transfer (SE-FRET).

  3. Hasselhof V., et al. Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Human Dermal Lymphatic Collectors. PLoS One. 2016, 11(10): e0164964. PubMed ID: 27764183

    This article confirms that P2RX1 is a highly expressed gene in the media of lymphatic collectors and may be a potential therapeutic target with the use of Next Generation Sequencing.

  4. Lee W.C., et al. Maternal Fructose Exposure Programs Metabolic Syndrome-Associated Bladder Overactivity in Young Adult Offspring. Sci Rep. 2016, 6: 34669. PubMed ID: 27703194

    This report finds that MFE programmes the MetS-associated OAB symptoms in young adult male offspring, along with apparent alterations in bladder transcripts, including P2rx1, Chrm3, Chrm2, Trpv4, and Vipr2 gene expression.

  5. Reho J.J., et al. Unique gene program of rat small resistance mesenteric arteries as revealed by deep RNA sequencing. Physiol Rep. 2015, 3(7). PubMed ID: 26156969

    This article demonstrates that purinergic receptors P2rx1 is reciprocally expressed in mesenteric arteries versus aorta with regard to vaso-regulatory signals.

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  1. Bienert S, et al. (2017). The SWISS-MODEL Repository - new features and functionality. Nucleic Acids Res. 45: D313-D319.

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