Peparray™ Enzyme Profiling

Enzyme profiling has become more and more important for drug discovery in both industry and academia. There is increasing attention paid to enzymes like kinases, proteases, and phosphorylases. Creative Biolabs developed a Peparray™ high throughput screening (HTS) peptide array platform. Based on this advanced platform, our scientists are able to perform comprehensive enzyme profiling, including kinases, proteases, and phosphorylases, tailored to your specific needs.

Enzymes are key molecules in signal transduction pathways, cell proliferation and viability, differentiation, apoptosis, and metabolism. Phosphorylation of proteins by protein kinases plays an essential role in the regulation of cellular processes. Information about substrate proteins and peptides is necessary to integrate kinases into their biological networks. This can provide the basis for understanding molecular origins of diseases and for developing tools for therapeutic intervention. The discovery of more than 500 members of these enzymes in the human genome stimulated a growing interest in protein kinases. However, only a small fraction of kinases, proteases, and phosphatases is characterized so far. Characterization of enzymatic activities could be used to fingerprint the status of cells or organisms. Peptide array-based technologies for extremely efficient profiling of enzyme substrate specificity emerged a few years ago. This technology reduces set-up time for HTS assays and allows the identification of downstream targets.

Detection of proteolytic cleavage on peptide arrays reading released fragment (Thiele et al. 2009).Fig.1 Detection of proteolytic cleavage on peptide arrays reading released fragment (Thiele et al. 2009).

For characterization and profiling of enzymes, insight in substrate preference and reaction conditions is important. Based on our cutting-edge Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform, Creative Biolabs can use different library types, including combinatorial and random libraries, for enzyme profiling, substrate identification and optimization with peptide arrays. Enzyme substrate peptide arrays can provide important information and exceed classic individual assays in terms of speed per data point and scope.

Key advantages including but not limited to:

In the field of applying Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform, Creative Biolabs has extensive expertise, which has been accumulated through our over decade experience. Our scientists are proficient in performing comprehensive enzyme profiling, including kinases, proteases, and phosphorylases. We are confident in providing clients with the best service at the most competitive cost.

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  1. Thiele, A.; et al. Peptide arrays for enzyme profiling. Methods Mol Biol. 2009, 570:19-65.

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