Peptides Isolation, Purification and Identification Service

Based on our advanced platform and professional scientists, Creative Biolabs now can provide the service of peptides isolation, purification, and identification for our clients all over the world. With the large development of mass-spectrometric technique and genome bioinformatics data and tools, now we can give various protocols to meet the specific requirement and identify the peptidome.

Peptidome is a supplement to proteomics. The main task of peptidome is to make a systematic, comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative research for the peptides obtained from biological samples at specific time and locations. According to study large amounts of peptides from various sources, valuable information can be obtained for the further research. Based on our advanced platform and extensive experience, now we can offer the efficient service in a short time.

The source of the peptide is very extensive. With more and more in-depth research, now we can not only detect a large number of free peptides in the cell and tissues, but also detect a large number of active peptides in body fluids such as cell secretions, blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and so on. What’s more, in recent years, peptides can also even generated from plant sources for the specific use like antioxidant activity.

The simple flow chart about our service:

Peptides Isolation, Purification and Identification Service

We can also help to measure the molecule weight of peptides and analyze the amino acids. For the identification of peptide sequence is likely to be using tandem mass spectrometry technology, the specific qualitative nuclear ratio of ions can be selected via different technologies. After the collision-induced dissociation, the peptide sequence would be obtained by analyzing the breakdown of peptide fragments.

The features of our services:

Along with over a decade rich experience in providing excellent custom services for the isolation, purification, and identification of peptides. Creative Biolabs is therefore confident in offering the best and most suitable service for our customers all over the world. If you are interested in using our peptides isolation, purification, and identification service to support your peptides discovery and development program, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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