Peptidome Library Construction Service

Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the unique peptidome library construction service for our customers all over the world. Based on our advanced phage display platform, scientists of Creative Biolabs are able to tailor customized phage display libraries of synthetic peptidome or cDNA peptidome to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

The generation of peptidome library is an ideal approach to investigate the array of peptides from active synthesis or proteolysis. Compared with endogenous peptidome, peptidome libraries are more comprehensive or specific, and can be subjected to high throughput analysis, implicating a broader range of applications. Previously, the generation of peptidome libraries is based on the display of fragmented cDNAs or polypeptides encoded by cDNAs. However, both of these library types are limited by their highly skewed distribution or low rates of in-frame coding sequences. Alternatively, Creative Biolabs is able to generate novel synthetic peptidome libraries from genome or gene segments of various species, involving homo sapiens.

The generation of synthetic peptidome libraries relies on phage display technology and the oligonucleotides synthesis. Based on interested genome or gene segments, overlapping peptides that can cover all open reading frames are designed and optimized with identical length, overlapping range and other desired properties. Then, the oligonucleotides encoding these peptides are synthesized with appropriate primer sequences and tags for PCR amplification and further phage display library construction. In this way, the generated library is able to represent most peptides encoded by the interested genome or gene segments. Unlike the conventional cDNA based libraries, synthetic peptidome library has several advantages, such as uniform distribution and high rate of in-frame coding sequences.

In addition, as a kind of phage display library, the synthetic peptidome library can be used to investigate and characterize biomolecular interactions by integrating other techniques. A typical example was described by Larman et al. (2011), who constructed human proteome library for autoantigen discovery. In this report, the putative autoantigens were screened by autoantibodies of patients, isolated by immunoprecipitation and finally analyzed by high throughput sequencing. In a similar approach, the development of synthetic peptidome library is based on a microbial genome, which may contribute to the identification of the immunodominant epitopes present in microbes. Therefore, the synthetic peptidome library is a useful tool not only to discover autoantigen, but also to investigate peptide-protein interactions and can be applied to the two-hybrid analysis.

With years of research and development experience, Creative Biolabs has a professional team in phage display technology. Our devoted scientists are committed to offering high-quality library construction service with the most competitive price and efficiency to assist our customers’ research and project development.

Peptidome Library Construction ServiceFig. 1 Autoantigen discovery via synthetic human peptidome library. (Larman et al. 2011)


  1. Larman, H. B., Zhao, Z., Laserson, U., Li, M. Z., Ciccia, A., Gakidis, M. A. M., Church, G. M., Kesari, S., LeProust, E. M. and Solimini, N. L. (2011) 'Autoantigen discovery with a synthetic human peptidome', Nature biotechnology, 29(6), 535-541.

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