pH-sensitive Fab Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs has established an advanced phage display technology. Combined with the high-throughput Magic™ platform, our scientists developed a powerful platform for the discovery of Fab antibody with high specificity and affinity. Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experiences in providing high-quality service in o discovering pH-sensitive Fab. Our seasoned scientists are pleased to share expertise and experience with our global customers to facilitate their relevant research.

pH-sensitive Fab Discovery Service

A Fab fragment, about 47-48 kDa, is a special antibody which consists of four domains: VH, CH1, VL, and CL1. Fab has lots of advantages, compared to the full-length antibody. For Fab, it is easy to penetrate tissues and can be produced by some simpler expression systems, such as E. coli. Moreover, Fab lacking Fc regions avoids the interactions between Fc portions and Fc receptor. Therefore, the Fab fragments can enhance antibody specificity and reduce the effector functions. Fab fragment antibodies become increasingly popular due to their special advantages. The development of pH-sensitive Fab will be much more valuable because pH-sensitive Fab allows further binding cycles and/or mitigating from target-mediated degradation by dissociation of the antibody-antigen complex. Studies demonstrate that pH-sensitive of antibodies can improve the half-life of mAbs in vivo. Therefore, pH-sensitive Fabs would be useful in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Phage display technology has been improved since its introduction and is still one of the most important molecular evolution technology available. Particularly, the use of phage display in antibody discovery has provided high-quality affinity reagents for use in research and therapeutic field.

Creative Biolabs has developed this Magic™ platform technology and applied it into antibody phage display technology, from quality control of the antibody library to detecting the biopanning process. Diverse custom phage display libraries enriched in histidine in the CDRH3 can be constructed for isolation of pH-sensitive Fab. Integration of Magic™ system with the biopanning, the selection of pH-sensitive Fab could be largely improved by detecting low abundant clones with fewer rounds of selection. We can rapidly isolate pH-sensitive Fab directed against theoretically any biological target with tailored strategies.

Key advantages of pH-sensitive Fab generated by our phage display platform including but not limited to:

Magic™ platform combined with phage display technology is a powerful tool for the discovery of Fab antibodies with high specificity and affinity. Equipped with professional scientific staff and world-leading technology platforms, Creative Biolabs can provide this top-quality service of pH-sensitive Fab discovery at the most competitive cost.

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  1. Bonvin, P.; et al. De novo isolation of antibodies with pH-dependent binding properties. MAbs. 2015;7(2):294-302.

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