pH-sensitive Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Services

Creative Biolabs provides the best monoclonal antibody (mAb) production service for our customers all over the world. We have established an advanced high-throughput phage display platform for antibody discovery. We are pleased to provide the high-quality service of pH-sensitive antibody discovery to facilitate our clients’ research and project development.

mAbs are widely used as research, diagnostic and therapeutic reagents, and now are forming a rapidly increasing class of drugs. The high affinity of these selective molecules always turns to form stable complexes. However, it needs harsh conditions to dissociate the antibody from its target, and this usually results in denaturation of the antibody. pH-sensitive antibodies could improve the efficacy in case that the antibody binds tightly to the antigen in the plasma (pH 7.4) and the antibody-antigen complex would dissociate in acidic condition. Moreover, pH-sensitive antibodies would also be useful in therapeutic filed because the pH-sensitive antibody was reported to improve the half-life of mAbs in vivo, which will largely enhance the recycling of free antibody. Previous approaches used to get pH-sensitive antibody is to modify a pre-existing antibody by introducing histidines in the antigen contact region. These methods are labor intensive and time-consuming because they require the introduction of histidines in the CDRs of the candidate to produce an extensive range of single mutant.

pH-sensitive Monoclonal Antibody Discovery ServicesFig.1 De novo isolation of pH-dependent antibodies (Bonvin et al. 2015).

Creative Biolabs has developed a variety of strategies for isolation of pH-sensitive mAbs using our diverse phage display libraries, including custom immune, naïve and synthetic phage display libraries which have enriched histidine in the CDRH3. Diverse specific selection strategies are applied for the selection of pH-sensitive antibody in the biopanning process, which includes tailored buffers used in incubating, washing, eluting and amplification of phage displaying pH-sensitive antibodies. We can rapidly isolate pH-sensitive mAbs directed against theoretically any biological target in a time-saving manner.

Key advantages of pH-sensitive antibody generated by our phage display platform including but not limited to:

So far, Creative Biolabs has utilized this advanced phage display platform to isolate more than 2000 monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity. Our scientists are proud to provide the high-quality service of the pH-sensitive monoclonal antibody from all species above.

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  1. Bonvin, P.; et al. De novo isolation of antibodies with pH-dependent binding properties. MAbs. 2015;7(2):294-302.

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