pH-sensitive VHH Discovery Service

As a pioneer and the undisrupted global leader in antibody discovery and engineering, Creative Biolabs is proud to introduce our professional service of antibody discovery with our diverse technologies. With the extensive expertise in the field of phage display technology, our scientists are pleased to screen out high affinity pH-sensitive heavy-chain antibody (VHH) antibodies with high-quality custom immune, naïve or synthetic VHH libraries.

Single domain antibodies are the smallest antibodies, which are proved to be widely used in diagnostics and therapeutics. They are antibody fragments from single monomeric variable domains of either camelids’ VHH or cartilaginous fishes’ IgNAR (VNAR). These single domain antibody fragments have several advantages for biotechnological applications. They can be well expressed in E. coli and have a high stability and solubility. Previous approaches used to get pH-sensitive antibody is to modify a pre-existing antibody by introducing histidines in the antigen contact region. These methods need the introduction of histidines in the CDRs to produce an extensive range of single mutant, which is labor-intensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. These strategies may be risky as it is probable that the sequence and CDR conformation of the existing antibodies may not contain further pH-sensitive properties. Recently, we developed a Magic™ platform technology, which has allowed a massive increase in capacity to analyze the antibody library at relatively low cost and in a short time frame. It has revolutionized multiple aspects of biological research and is also actively being adopted into antibody phage display technology.

pH-sensitive V<sub>H</sub>H Discovery ServiceFig.1 Distinguishing structural features of camelid and shark hcAbs (Wesolowski et al. 2009).

Creative Biolabs’ antibody development service could improve the selection of pH-sensitive VHH by detecting low abundant clones without many rounds of selection. We have developed a variety of strategies for isolation of pH-sensitive VHH using our diverse phage display libraries, including custom immune, naïve and synthetic phage display libraries, which are enriched in histidine in the CDRH3. Various custom specific selection strategies can be used to rapidly isolate pH-sensitive VHH in a time-saving manner.

Key advantages of pH-sensitive VHH generated by phage display platform including but not limited to:

Creative Biolabs provides one-stop service for pH-sensitive VHH development, from immunization, library construction, screening, to antibody engineering. Through our phage display platform, we are confident in offering the pH-sensitive VHH production in the most effective and efficient manner.

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  1. Wesolowski, J.; et al. Single domain antibodies: promising experimental and therapeutic tools in infection and immunity. Med Microbiol Immunol. 2009, 198(3):157-74.

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