Phage Display Library Screening by Sequential Antigen Panning

Creative Biolabs has over a decade of working experience in the isolation monoclonal antibodies with affinity of nanomolar or even picomolar for the target of interest from phage-displayed antibody libraries. To identify target-specific monoclonal antibodies with high affinity and broad-spectrum activity, we adopt a new methodology, termed sequential antigen panning, by sequentially changing antigens during biopanning. We are pleased to share our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in the discovery of cross-reactive antibody to facilitate our clients’ related research and project development.

Phage Display Technology for Antibody Discovery

Phage display is a powerful methodology for selection of binders specific for any given target. After over a decade of development, phage display has become a relatively mature methodology and has been successful in various applications. The results of screening a phage display antibody library depend largely on several factors, including antigen property (solubility and purity), antibody library quality (library size and diversity, antibody format, phage fusion partner, etc.), and panning method (solution-phase or solid-phase panning). Many phage display techniques drive selection toward the isolation of highly specific antibodies. However, the identification of monoclonal antibodies that are cross-reactive has implications for the development of diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines against pathogens or cancer cells.

Epitope specificity of known broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1 envelope Fig.1 Epitope specificity of known broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1 envelope (Euler & Schuitemaker 2012).

Phage Display Library Screening by Sequential Antigen Panning in Creative Biolabs

To identify human cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies, we have employed a sequential antigen panning strategy to our biopanning process. This strategy can be wildly used to isolate recombinant antibodies against any antigen that shares epitopes with other antigens. Many cross-reactive antibodies have been isolated by this method, including broadly cross-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing antibodies.

Key Advantages Including but Not Limited to

With years of development experience in phage display, Creative Biolabs has owned a group of scientists who have skillful technologies in the discovery of monoclonal antibodies with high affinity. Based on this efficient sequential antigen panning strategy, many cross-reactive antibodies have been successfully isolated. We offer turn-key or ala carte services customized to our client’s needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Euler, Z.; Schuitemaker, H. Cross-reactive broadly neutralizing antibodies: timing is everything. Front Immunol. 2012, 3:215.

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