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Phage Display Technology for Anti-membrane Protein Antibody Screening and Production

Creative Biolabs is able to support your anti-membrane protein antibody preparation by our advanced phage display technology.

Phage display is a revolutionary technique for exhibiting target peptide on the bacteriophage coat protein. It is a key technique in the large-scale screening of protein-protein interaction, including the selection of antibodies against specific antigen. Furthermore, desired antibody could also be produced in large amount by phage display.

Membrane proteins, membrane-associated proteins, are thought to be functional important for signal conduction, cell communication, molecular transportation and energy generation. The hydrophobic nature makes them hard to isolate, or difficult to form correct structure in most cases. However, antibodies recognizing native epitopes on membrane proteins have attracted attention from scientists and become important tools for membrane protein study.

Creative Biolabs has proprietary technique to greatly increase the affinity between antigen and displayed antibody, and could select and produce the best antibody in short period. In combination with our Cell-based or Cell-free membrane protein expression system which allows us to express the membrane protein antigen with native conformation, we are able to produce high quality antibodies targeting membrane protein.

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