Potassium Voltage-gated Channel Subfamily C

Voltage-dependent potassium channels (Kv channels) are crucial for the electrical signaling in neurons. Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily C, also known as Kv3 channels, belongs to the family of the voltage-dependent potassium channels. One feature that distinguishes these channels from those in the 11 other mammalian Kv families, (Kv1-Kv2 and Kv4-Kv12) is that they typically open only at positive potentials and that both activation and deactivation in response to rapid changes of voltage. There are four channels in the Kv3 family: Kv3.1, Kv3.2, Kv3.3, and Kv3.4. Studies have shown that each channel in the Kv3 family exists in multiple isoforms generated through alternative mRNA splicing. In addition, Kv3.3 and Kv3.4 channels differ from Kv3.1 and Kv3.2 channels in having an NH2-terminal ball structure that causes rapid channel inactivation with sustained depolarization. Most importantly, Kv3 channels can regulate rapid spiking, transmitter release and dendritic integration of many central neurons.

Here, we have described in details of members of the VGKC subfamily C, which including but not limited to potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily C member 1, potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily C member 2, and potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily C member 3. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human KCNC Protein Members

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