E3 Ligase and Target Proteins

E3 Ligase and Target Proteins

PROTACs degrade the disease-causing proteins by hijacking the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). Unlike traditional small-molecule inhibitors, PROTACs provide a better and more efficient strategy. During the discovery process of an efficient PROTAC molecule, multiple parameters and details need to be optimized and designed, such as the affinity of PROTAC molecules to target proteins and to the E3 ligase proteins. Besides, although there are nearly 600 ligases identified in the human genome, many of them remain relatively uncharacterized. To reveal their substrates, in vitro high-throughput screening with purified E3 ligase is an approach. To make it possibly easier to fulfill the optimization and the characterization, Creative Biolabs produces several proteins including E3 ligases and target proteins as products.

For research only, do not provide service directly to individuals.
Type: Target protein
Size: 0.1 mg
Type: E3 ligase protein
Size: 0.02 mg

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