Ligand-Linker Conjugate

An intact PROTAC molecule consists of 3 components, a ligand for target proteins, a linker, and a ligand against E3 ubiquitin ligase. Ligand-linker conjugates are chemical molecules that a linker molecule linked to the ligand against target proteins or against the E3 ubiquitin ligase. The binding affinities may be altered by additional chemical structures, therefore, with this type of product, the properties of ligands and linkers could be evaluated at the same time and have much close results with an intact PROTAC molecule. Besides, with the same functional ligands conjugated with different linkers, the compounds have advantages in functional comparison and subsequent screening. In addition, the ligand-linker conjugates decrease the amount of time spent on PROTACs synthesis. Below Creative Biolabs listed alkyl-chains, PEGs, alkyl/ethers linked ligand-linker conjugates with various ligands. All these partial PROTAC molecules have high solubility in DMSO or other appropriate solvents.

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Type: Ligand-linker conjugate
Size: 10 mg
Physical State: Lyophilized white powder

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