PROTAC Molecule

As an emerging therapeutic modality, PROTAC technology belongs to the branch of targeted protein degradation (TPD) technology. The critical pathway of this technology is the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, in which the misfolded, abnormal, unneeded or damaged proteins (the targets in PROTAC molecules) are degraded. A PROTAC molecule has good compatibility: two ligands and a linker are conjugated covalently and function well with each other as an intact molecule. Although powerful, there are technical challenges especially in the molecule design. Strategic variety encompassed in the combinations of linkers and ligands should be taken into consideration carefully. To save the research time, Creative Biolabs provides intact well-synthesized PROTAC molecules. Customers could immediately start their drug discovery process with the products.

For research only, do not provide service directly to individuals.
dBET1(CAT#: PRLG-004)
Datasheet INQUIRY
Type: PROTAC molecule
Size: 5 mg
Physical State: Lyophilized white powder

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