Target Ligand

For traditional pharmaceutical chemical molecules, one of the main limitations is their effects are dependent on the binding affinity with the active sites on the druggable targets. PROTAC molecules have broken the limitations to achieve sufficient effects with lower doses even for undruggable proteins. Lots of targets have been studied, such as p38 MAPK kinases, BRD2, and BRD3. As a key part of the PROTAC molecules, the small molecule binder of a target protein, also known as warhead, should be carefully designed and selected, especially for targets with different isoforms. Creative Biolabs offers several ready-to-use target ligands to help customers experience the first step of PROTAC molecule discovery and we have services to meet requirements.

For research only, do not provide service directly to individuals.
Type: Target ligand
Size: 5 mg
Physical State: Powder

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