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PROTAC In Vivo Animal Test

With years of research and development, Creative Biolabs has established an advanced one-stop PROTAC service platform. Besides the early stage molecule discovery service and a series of in vitro evaluation assays, we also provide in vivo animal test assays to evaluate the toxicity and ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) of PROTACs in experimental animals.


In vivo test refers to the experimentation within the whole and living organisms, such as mouse and rat. In vivo studies include both animal studies and clinical trials. Since in vivo studies has the potential to provide the conclusive insights about the safety assessment of PROTACs, they are critically instructive to explore the most potential PROTACs which can be pushed into clinical trials. Creative Biolabs is proficient at in vivo animal studies to facilitate the PROTAC discovery and development projects prior to clinical stages.

Introduction of PROTAC In Vivo Animal Test Assays

PROTAC is small molecule which consists of a target protein ligand, an E3 ligase ligand, and a linker. It can be a potential drug because of the degradation function targeted disease-causing proteins. For drug discovery and development process, in vivo animal tests are very important and determinant if the candidate PROTACs can be investigated for clinical trials. In addition, the results of in vivo animal tests can be used to guide the lead optimization of PROTACs to ensure low toxicity and better ADME properties. In Creative Biolabs, both toxicity test and ADME test are available for PROTAC in vivo services.

Schematic diagram of in vivo animal test services. Fig.1 Schematic diagram of in vivo animal test services.

In Vivo Toxicity

Toxicity assessment plays a crucial role in drug safety profiling, which is the major reason of drug development termination. Therefore, toxicity assays for candidate PROTACs are essential to ensure the safety profile of the potential drug in animal models. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering a comprehensive set of toxicity assays, including acute toxicity test, repeated dose toxicity test, development and reproductive toxicity, and carcinogenicity test, etc. We can have a flexible choice to best fit the projects and also the budget.

In Vivo ADME

ADME refers to absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of a candidate drug. Promising ADME properties can translate to good PK properties. Assessments of the pharmacological properties of ADME of a candidate PROTAC is critical for candidate selection and further lead optimization. Creative Biolabs offers various in vivo ADME assays including mass-balance studies, quantitative tissue distribution studies, metabolite identification/profiling, and excretion balance, etc. You are welcomed to contact us if any specific requirements.

Highlight Features of Our Services

  • A wide range of assays for flexible choice
  • Custom assay design to best fit your project
  • High efficient data analytical platform
  • Short turnaround time with competitive cost

As a service leader in drug discovery and development, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to serving your PROTAC projects to promote the development of PROTAC therapeutic areas. We are committed to offering a variety of cutting-edge in vivo assays at the forefront of technical innovation. If you are interested in any individual assay or a package service, please contact us for more detailed information.

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