Protein Structure Analysis Service

Creative Biolabs has accumulated rich experience in the field of protein engineering. Scientists of Creative Biolabs are confident in providing comprehensive protein structure analysis services. Our services involve complete gene-to-structure services, including protein secondary structures (α-helices, β-structures, and unstructured regions) determination as well as the three-dimensional structure of the proteins.

Types of protein structure

Proteins play essential roles in biological processes. They are crucial in catalyzing and regulating biochemical reactions, transporting molecules and the chemistry of vision. Each protein holds unique structure, which makes protein play different roles in biological processes.

In general, a protein consists of a linear chain of sequence of the 20 natural amino acids. The amino acid sequence of a protein is commonly known as its primary structure. While local conformations, such as alpha-helices, beta-sheet, and random coils are known as secondary structures. The three-dimensional structure is also defined as the tertiary structure which presents the fold of the protein. Additionally, proteins have quaternary structure, which is the three-dimensional structure consisting of the aggregation of two or more individual polypeptide chains that operate as a single functional unit.

Protein StructuresFig.1 Protein Structures.

Protein conformation

Commonly, protein structure is the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in an amino acid-chain molecule. Proteins are polymers that are formed from sequences of amino acids, the monomers of the polymer. In order to perform their biological function, proteins often fold into one or more specific spatial conformation driven by a lot of non-covalent interactions such as hydrophobic packing, hydrogen bonding, ionic interactions and Van der Waals forces. Therefore, to understand the functions of proteins at a molecular level, it is very important to determine their three-dimensional structure.

Protein structure analysis service

Structural analysis of protein can provide valuable insight into the fundamental biochemical processes. Scientists of Creative Biolabs are proud to provide custom protein structure analysis service. We offer determination of percentage of protein secondary structures (α-helices, β-structures, and unstructured regions) by the circular dichroism method. We also employ several techniques, such as X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, to perform a full set of necessary experimentation and determination of structure.

In addition to the above services, Creative Biolabs also offers a series of protein analysis services, including:

With years of solid experience in the field of protein engineering and bioinformatics, Creative Biolabs is willing to provide the most outstanding service to meet our customers’ special needs. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or send us an inquiry.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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