Protein Unc Homolog Family

NALCN channel complex family is composed of G-protein-coupled receptors, UNC-79, UNC-80, NCA localization factor-1, and Src family tyrosine kinases. It is a voltage-independent and cation-nonselective channel complex mainly expressed in the nervous system. NALCN complex can transport sodium leaky across the neuronal membranes and mediate neuronal excitability. Studies have shown that NALCN complex is involved in many biological processes including locomotor behaviors, rhythms behaviors, and sensitivity to volatile anesthetics. Moreover, mutations in NALCN gene are associated with infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy (INAD), autosomal recessive syndrome with severe hypotonia, and congenital contractures of the limbs and face with hypotonia and developmental delay (CLIFAHDD) syndrome. UNC-79 and UNC-80 proteins may be linked to the progression of several mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and alcoholism.

Here show components of NALCN channel complex in humans. UNC79 indirectly connects to NALCN through a constructed bridge by UNC80, which is very important for the stable and functional NALCN channel complex.

Human components of NALCN channel complex

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