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ScFv Library Construction Protocol

Our protocol describes efficient methods for the construction of scFv gene libraries by pull-through PCR. Four different PCR strategies for VH and VL gene amplification are included to meet the specific requirments of researchers.

Fab Library Construction Protocol

Creative Biolabs provides basic protocol of fab library (naïve library) by phagemid for reference. A comprehensive construction method and detailed experimental notes are included to assist your research.

Single Domain Antibody Library Construction Protocol

Detailed single domain antibody (sdAb) library construction protocol is described by Creative Biolabs. Immunization schedule and critical factors of immunized library construction are summarized in relative steps.


Creative Biolabs has organized useful resources related our excellent service to assist your program. We have created a collection of documents such as infographics of advanced technology, product & service brochures, and scientific flyers, all of which will be avaible to boost your research. More resources are continuous updating.



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