pVIII Library Construction

Creative Biolabs can provide the pVIII scaffold library construction service to develop high affinity binders as new pharmaceutical targets. With years of research and development experience in library construction, our scientists are pleased to design the most appropriate project pipeline for each customer.

pVIII, a 50 residues protein coded by gene VIII, is a major coat protein of the filamentous phages (such as fd, f1 and M13), which constitutes the most of protein mass of the virion. There are about 2700 copies of pVIII per phage, constructed the α-helical lattice tubular capsid to enclose the viral DNA. The protein is formed by two α-helical segments, one short amphipathic in-plane (IP) helix that rests on the membrane surface and one longer hydrophobic transmembrane (TM) helix, and some mobile residues near the N-terminus and C-terminus. Each pVIII subunit is composed of an N-terminus and a C-terminus exposed on the outer surface and in the lumen respectively. Different point mutations deletion and short foreign peptides insertion can be introduced to the N-terminus of every copy of pVIII. It can occupy as much as 25-30% of the virion surface, changing the particle’s surface architecture and properties dramatically. Moreover, the α-helical portion of pVIII also can be randomized with mutations to produce an ‘alpha’ landscape library, which are thus conformationally homogeneous to the N-terminus. Such phage library can be used as scaffold library for binder selection for organic ligands, proteins, antibodies and cell receptors etc.

Scientists in Creative Biolabs have generated scaffold libraries by our proprietary Hi-Affi™ platform. Hi-Affit™ is based on the traditional phage display technology, which fuse targets of interest to bacteriophage coat proteins and thereby displayed on the phage surface for selecting specific binders. This technology has become an important tool for the detection of protein spatial structure, searching through the interaction between ligand and receptor binding sites for high binding affinity. In order to get higher diversity library, our Hi-Affi™ platform has combined with trimer codon technology and NNK methods, which results in an advanced outcome to offer 100% precise mutant library construction with over 1010 diversity.

Creative Biolabs is committed to provide scaffold library construction service of high efficiency and low cost for our global clients, to boost the pace of their research and project. Timely quotation, high quality service, fast delivery cycle and the most competitive price have been our commitment and guarantee to retain the leadership in the scaffold library construction market.

pVIII Library Construction
Fig. 1 NMR structure of the fd bacteriophage pVIII coat protein in lipid bilayer membranes.(PDB ID: 1MZT)

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