Quantitative Analysis of Specific Antibody

Creative Biolabs holds extensive experience in the development of rapid, direct and sensitive diagnostic assays. Based on professional scientists and enriched experience, Creative Biolabs has developed a membrane chromatographic immunoassay method for rapid detection and quantitative analysis of specific serum antibodies.

Overview of specific antibody detection

While several methods have made a major impact on microbiological testing for years, only a handful of developments can be taken testing out of the laboratory. Many conditions, such as microbial infections, envenomation, and exposure to toxic substances, can lead to immunological responses in the host and form specific antibodies towards these antigens. Therefore, it is important to identify the specific antibodies in the host system, by which these conditions can be indirectly diagnosed. Most immunoassays have been used to detect specific antibodies at a time, which make use of membranes for immunological assays. However, conventional immunoassays are time-consuming and complex. They also require multiple reagents to achieve immunological analysis of antibodies.

Membrane chromatographic immunoassay

As a leading provider of antibody development, Creative Biolabs is specialized in providing custom services to both biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Based on professional scientists and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs devotes to developing efficient methods for quantitative analysis of antibodies. We provide a highly-effective membrane chromatographic immunoassay technique that is suitable for rapid antibody screening and analysis. As shown in Figure 1, the antibody molecules present in a test serum sample are first immobilized on microporous membrane by pulsing it. By a high anti-chaotropic salt concentration, the binding antibody is selected in nature. Then, the unbound non-antibody proteins present in the serum sample are washed out of the membrane. Finally, the antigens pulses would pass through the membrane unhindered and show as chromatographic peaks.

With this method, the antibody binding step is more specific, allowing for particularly being useful for detecting and quantifying antibodies in low titer value antiserum samples. Moreover, this technique requires very few reagents and does not involve any chemical reaction, which will be cost-saving for antibody detection. In addition, due to the reversible nature of antibody binding, the same membrane could be repeatedly used for sequential immunoassays. Compared to conventional immunoassays for specific antibody detection, membrane chromatographic immunoassay provided by Creative Biolabs shows many advantages, including:

Scheme for antibody detection using the membrane chromatographic immunoassay technique (Ghosh, 2006).Fig.1 Scheme for antibody detection using the membrane chromatographic immunoassay technique (Ghosh, 2006).

Creative Biolabs has applied this method for IgG antibodies detection and antibody screening in situations. Scientists of Creative Biolabs are confident in providing custom quantitative analysis services. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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