Rabbit Antibody Repertoire Construction

Owing to their high affinity and specificity, rabbit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) has been widely used as basic research and diagnostic reagents, but also as therapeutics. Over a decade of experience in Phage Display Library Construction and Phage Display Library Screening, Creative Biolabs has developed a new strategy for large rabbit phage display library construction, by using an extensive set of primers for the amplification of light and heavy chains. We can provide high-quality screening service using our premade naïve rabbit antibody library, and we can also offer our clients high-quality rabbit antibody repertoire construction and the following screening service at the most competitive price.

The Properties of Rabbit Antibody Repertoire

Rabbit Antibody Repertoire ConstructionThe rabbit antibody has been widely utilized for immunological techniques, such as western blotting, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and flow cytometry. Rabbit antibody represents an outstanding source of antibodies of high affinity and specificity. Humans and mice rely almost exclusively on somatic hypermutation to further diversify antibody genes following gene rearrangements. In contrast, V-(D)-J recombination in rabbits is followed by both somatic gene conversion and somatic hypermutation to expand primary and secondary antibody repertoires. In addition, rabbits belong to the taxonomic order Lagomorpha and are evolutionarily distant from mice, rats, and other rodents. However, rabbit mAbs are undefined reagents with a finite supply.

The Advantages of Rabbit mAbs Generated by Phage Display

The ability to generate rabbit mAbs by phage display has overcome this limitation, providing access to defined reagents of infinite supply from the rabbit antibody repertoire. One advantage of rabbit mAbs generated by phage display is that phenotype and genotype are selected at the same time. Knowledge of the rabbit mAb sequence allows the ready generation of a variety of mAb formats, including scFv, scFv-Fc, Fab, IgG, and, importantly, humanization and affinity maturation. Consequently, rabbit mAbs generated by phage display have become promising reagents for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in humans.

mAbs Generated by Naïve Rabbits Repertoire in Creative Biolabs

Rabbit Antibody Repertoire ConstructionTo accelerate access to rabbit mAbs bypassing immunization, Creative Biolabs has developed a new strategy to construct a highly complex rabbit antibody library. The starting materials are bone marrow and spleen of genetically diverse naïve rabbits. After reverse transcribed mRNA, an extensive set (more than 40 primers for chimeric rabbit/human Fab antibody library) of oligonucleotides are used for the amplification of light and heavy chains by PCR. Our scientists have constructed a very large phage display library (>1010) of rabbit mAbs, which has been validated by next-generation sequencing (NGS). Based on this library, a variety of rabbit mAbs with high affinity and specificity and no cross-reaction with mouse and human antigens has been isolated successfully.

Key Advantages Including but Not Limited to:

Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in the generation and selection of immune rabbit antibody libraries by phage display. We have provided our global clients with a variety of rabbit mAbs with broad utility for basic research, diagnosis and therapy. Based on this new strategy, we can offer the best service of rabbit antibody library (scFv/Fab) construction and screening.

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