Rapid Recovery of scFv

The single-chain variable fragment (scFv) is a versatile reagent for further engineering and have found different applications from diagnostics to therapeutics. Creative Biolabs has developed Phage Display Platform for scFv screening and identification. Our scientists have developed a simple and effective approach for rapid recovery of scFv clones from enriched sublibraries. We are proud to introduce this high-quality service for our global customers at the most competitive cost.

An Effective Way to Recover scFv Is Needed

Screening of antibody libraries by phage display allows for rapid selection of scFvs. Based on the scFvs, we can isolate the sequences of variable heavy and variable light chains for mAb conversion, thus, avoid animal immunization. It is possible to obtain antibodies against toxic or highly conserved antigens, or against plasma membrane proteins or receptors, in their native conformation. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) was successfully applied to phage display technology. NGS provides valuable information on the screening process, because it reduces the possibility of losing potential good binders during the repetitive handling of clones. After their identification, the clones of interest need to be recovered from the DNA library or validation of binding. However, the bottleneck of an NGS-based screening is the recovery of scFv clones of interest. For scFvs, which are typically comprised of around 350-400 amino acids, chemical synthesis of the active molecule is not economically viable. Gene synthesis of scFvs is possible, but for a range of candidate scFvs requiring screening it would be very expensive.

Rapid Recovery of scFvFig.1 Recombinant antibody formats for different applications compared to IgG. (Frenzel et al. 2013)

Rapid Recovery of ScFv Service in Creative Biolabs

To overcome this limitation, Creative Biolabs developed a simple and effective strategy for rapid recovery of scFv clones from enriched sublibraries. The recovered clones can be successfully converted to active immunoglobulins. Based on novel strategy, we can guarantee rapid and cheap isolation of antibodies for virtually any antigen for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

Key Advantages of Rapid Recovery of ScFv Services

In the field of applying phage display platform, Creative Biolabs has extensive expertise, which has been accumulated through our over decade experience. We can provide this top-quality service of rapid recovery of scFv at the most competitive cost.

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  1. Frenzel, A., et al. Expression of recombinant antibodies. Frontiers in immunology. 2013, 4:217.

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