Scaffold Specificity Optimization Service

With our most devoted scientists and years of extensive experience in scaffold engineering, Creative Biolabs has gained significant knowledge in scaffold engineering. Our scientists are dedicated to offering first-class scaffold specificity optimization services to meet your specific requirements and speed up your research and project development.

Engineered scaffolds are invaluable tools for a broad range of applications due to their favorable modular structure, high affinity, excellent biophysical, and chemical properties. However, because of the sequence-relatedness of the target in different species or other similar proteins, scaffold may suffer low specificity to its target or unwanted cross-reactivity to other homologous proteins. To overcome this potential shortage, Creative Biolabs has established a rational system, that integrates in silico modeling and our advanced phage display platform, to preferably optimize the specificity of selected scaffolds. This system is particularly well suited to develop non-cross-reactive scaffolds and therefore contribute to increasing the targeting accuracy.

Scaffold Specificity Optimization System

The utility of combining the phage display technology and in silico modeling provides a powerful tool to modify the binding loops of selected scaffolds for specificity improvement with required functions, which is critical to scaffold development. In this strategy, using in silico modeling and structural analysis, potential substitution residues could be identified by pinpointing key residues for site-specific optimization depending on the interaction of one scaffold with its target. Subsequently, a custom-designed mutant library can be constructed by rational design, and tailored pools of high-affinity variants are directed screened by surface display technology. With our extensive experience of in silico modeling and unparalleled expertise in phage display mutant library technology, Creative Biolabs focuses on the scaffold specificity optimization aiming at increasing the high specificity of scaffolds to its targets and eliminating unwanted cross-reactions.

Scaffold Specificity Optimization Service

Advantages of Specificity Scaffold Optimization Service

With decades of experience and professional staff, our scientists at Creative Biolabs offer engineering scaffolds to deal with the urgent demands of every client for specificity optimization. Creative Biolabs also provides various other services related to engineering scaffolds. If you want more information about our specificity scaffold optimization services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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